Recruitment and Outsourced Staff

Our Recruiters and Headhunters source candidates for companies looking to fill in vacancies in rank-and-file, middle management, and specialized positions. Either for permanent hire or outsourced staff under our payroll.

We provide a full spectrum of business consultancy services to local and foreign companies in Australia. Our one-stop-shop services are dedicated to helping you enjoy a seamless registration process and timely compliance with government regulations.

Business Registration, Incentives and Grants

We will carefully assess your business entry plans and provide assistance on the formation and registration of your business with appropriate government agencies

We will assist also you in choosing a tax-effective structure for your business, determine your eligibility for fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, and aid you in maintaining your enterprise’s eligibility for incentives

Managed HR

Payroll – We utilize a cloud-based software to run payroll for companies looking to outsource their payroll processes and remit their government contributions on a timely basis

HR Consulting – We help companies align their salary structures, benefits administration, and HR policies with local regulations and industry standards

Regional Expansion

We provide multi jurisdictional corporate services to companies looking to expand their operations in other countries in the Asia-Pacific